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After a long week of hard work the weekend finally arrives and all you want to do is lay back and relax, you don’t want to think all you want to do is make yourself feel good and rejuvenated by the time work starts on Monday but many times treating yourself sounds a little pricey. The truth is not to go overboard save up for a spa day but for a normal weekend here are some suggestions that are wallet-friendly.


  1. I love chocolate, this is my go to food when I need energy or when I just want to be happy (it makes me happy believe it or not). Anyways if you are a chocolate fan like me well I suggest you get a really good box of chocolate and just enjoy every bite.
  2. If you are a meat fan then there are some really cool and easy recipes that you can use to achieve wonders, I should know am a foodie.
  3. Go hang out with your friends at the pool, this helps to calm your whole muscle and allows you to gossip too.
  4. If you haven’t been to a museum, I think it’s time to take yourself to one, it’s really fascinating and calming to learn about history (no excuse there is a museum close to TBS if you are in Lagos).
  5. Take a walk, asides from the fact that this is a healthy choice it also helps to relax and calm you.
  6. Take yourself to the movies must you go with bea or your 5 plus something besties go and see the terminator movie you’ve been dying to see.
  7. Diy spa treatment just click here
    Hello World
    to find out how you can do this
  8. Go to a fast food centre or a supermarket and get yourself ice cream (coldstone people).
  9. Get your bea to give you a massage and tell him/her where you want to be massaged, remember its free.
  10. Take a quiz, find out your celebrity best friend just click here
  11. Watch ratchet TV its good for laughs
  12. You are allowed to spend the whole day lazing around in your pajamas, take time to nap.
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There are still so many things you can do like cooking, having friends over etc… But this are probably the best several ways you can treat yourself.

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