We all sleep, but do you know that the way a woman sleeps speaks so much about her as an individual? How do you sleep? On your side, back or belly? Believe it or not it says a lot about who you are when you are awake. I know this might come as a huge shock to some people because you have never thought that the way you sleep can reveal so much about you but many studies have been carried out by some professionals in which it has been revealed that specific personality traits have been linked to sleeping pattern. This cannot only say things about you when you are conscious but can also reveal the state of your relationship. What exactly are your traits and do you know what the pattern you sleep says about you, continue reading to know;


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1. If you constantly sleep flat and straight as a board, that can be linked as being quiet and reserved. It can also mean that you have a deep sense of self-worth.

2. If you are always comfortable on your side, it means that you are calm and mellow when you are awake. You are also very trusting but not to a fault.

3. Sleeping with face down means you have an open and welcoming personality but sometimes to a fault.

4. If you are always wrapped around something or someone while sleeping, if you often find yourself above the covers this could actually mean that you are very trusting and loyal so clinch away.

Which of these is your sleeping position? Share with us in the comment section below.

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