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So many women in the world are still wearing unbranded bras and if anyone asked them what is the difference between non-branded and branded or expensive bras they have no clue.

The response many women give to the above inquiry is that there isn’t much difference between these two, However this is not true because a well named fashion brand of the world doesn’t pop out in a single night but there is lot of hard work required to make it number one in the international market.

What if a bra was worth more than everything you have and anything you’ll ever own?

Victoria Secret is a well known ‘bra’ brand and they are most popular for their diamond encrusted bra and fashion show.

Since Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra in 1994, expensive bra’s have become a reality. This piece of exquisite art is breathtaking to look at.

With $3 million worth of emeralds, diamonds and more, this Victoria’s Secret Fantasy bra took Beirut-based fine jewelers AW Mouzannar 700 hours to finish the precious piece.

Called the “Bright Night” Fantasy Bra, this incredible piece designed by Eddie Borgo, features 9000 gemstones  in 18-karat gold with emerald lace panties. It is a beautifully designed bra in glittering white and green with an eye catching tassel in the center.

The bra is worth a staggering $3 million and was worn by rookie angel Jasmine Tookes at the 2016 Victoria’s  Secret Show.

So here is the Victoria secret bra that cost a whooping $3 million US dollars. Be ready, they sparkle so much you could go blind.

See photos of it below

Fantasy Bra

Hello World

Victoria’s secret

Fantasy bra

Victoria’s secret fantasy bra

Jasmine Tookes

Bright Night Fantasy Bra

What do you think of the 3 million dollar bra? Be sure to share with us in the comment box.

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