Nobody knows how to handle stress you say but in reality there are a few people who have mastered the art of stress-relief. Call them the modern day unicorn if you like but this doesn’t change the fact that they truly exist, if you look closely you might have seen a few around you; you know those women who seem super confident and even when the chips are down… Now, the question you should ask yourself is “how do they do it?”. Below are the secrets of women who know how to handle stress, you too can master it.


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1. You get a passive aggressive email, what do you do? Simple take five before you react, take a walk around the office if you will… This step is a tried and true stress reliever.

2. We forget to breath when stress strikes and so if you are feeling frazzled before any meeting then inhale deeply into your diaphragm for a few seconds before you release, do this 10 more times.

3. You are just one person so why would you accept every type of responsibility thrown at you; Successful women always say No to stress overload. Do what you can do but let things go when you know you can’t handle it.

4. Self-Care is a most for every working girl, take yourself out, get a weekly Mani-Pedi give yourself permission to do something that makes you happy at least once a week.

5. Don’t let perfection be your enemy, when you need to get something done make sure that yo do even if its not perfect. Every one makes mistakes – You are still a shinning star.

6. All the stress build up is exhaled to the atmosphere; successful women have an outlet where they let some steam off; it could be kick boxing or candy crush-whatever speaks to you really.


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