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Lagos is no Paris but it is the city of light as far as Nigeria is concerned and this city comes alive every time. The hustle and bustle in the coastal region is the backbone of the Nigeria Economy, it is only in Lagos (Eko) that you would find new trends and freshly revamped styles.

The city is flooded with fashion insiders, it is a fashion pilgrimage that is worthy of visiting with an overall boisterous vibe, Lagos feel like a faithful servant that’s there to make you feel at home but while you are busy relaxing it is feeding you with all of the information that you need, its left to you to choose whether to pay attention or not, just like its left for you to chose whether to pick up on these Ankara styles or not but we are ready to share them with you.

The city of light has shut up with new Ankara fashion style picks, along with the infused but seriously beefed up design quality, the city offers you a “chic” escape with these Ankara design ideas that triumphantly tells you of the creative minds that roam the streets and how every cut is modeled in intimate and creative collaborations. The city tells a story through the styles and there is an incredible sense of character behind every artistic impression.

Here are the Ankara styles that the city wants you to see:


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