Happy sallah

For the celebration which would span from today till Monday what would you be rocking?

Celebrations make’s us happy, its sort of a reminder that we’ve got so many reasons to be happy and excited. Celebrations are also the time when we give ourselves the excuse to purchase something nice.

What do you plan on wearing and how do you plan on styling what you have chosen?

We’re going to let you in on a few secrets that would come in handy. As Muslim women, modesty is a word that is not alien to us and while many have thought that fashion and modesty don’t work together, many style influence (rs) have made it their priority to prove this people wrong.

First it helps to know that colors function very well when it comes to choosing what to wear and what accessories to pair with what you have chosen to wear. Knowing how to combine colors and patterns is a necessary skill for every Muslim woman. Secondly, you don’t always have to wear a single abaya, layering is also a skill that you need to harness if you want to achieve a combination that would make you pop.

When it comes to choosing your outfit for this sallah, you need to go with abaya’s and two-pieces that would help you experience this celebration with sass. Therefore we’ve scoured some fascinating sallah styles – you would learn how to layer and work colors into your look.

Sabina Hannan

Hello World

Sabina Hannan

Halima Aden

Ibtihaj Muhammad

Sagal Ibrahim

Sagal Ibrahim

Saufeeya Goodson

Saufeeya Goodson

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