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When it comes to makeup, its very important that you pay attention to the reviews, this way you would get the best product. For a while many of the makeup artiste and You-Tubers swore by another setting powder but suddenly that changed as you could see in many of their makeup videos they used the Sacha buttercup setting powder as opposed to others. Now the question is what makes this setting powder better than the other, is it another hoax or is it really worth it?

Sometimes when every reliable person you know is saying the same thing you need to pay a lot of attention to that situation, its easy to dismiss some of this raves as nothing more than a marketing strategy but many times it really isn’t and one of the times is now.


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The sacha buttercup company sell their setting powder by describing it as flash-friendly, one-shade fits all. They also claim you can use it as an highlighter, you can also use it to bake/conceal. They go further to say you can use it as a face powder and they say it doesn’t give a white cast or turns ashy in bright lights when taking a photo. They go ahead to claim that it absorbs oil, reduces shine and keeps your face matte for hours (thank God there is no time stamp on that statement). Lastly it gives you a smooth finish.

The above are the claims by the company, below is a review on the claims made by the company;

1. Is it flash friendly? I really can’t say since I hardly use my flash but I would try it and update this review when I do.

2. The Sacha buttercup setting powder is definitely one-fits-all; all you need to so is blend it correctly.

Blend Test

Blend Test

3. The Sacha buttercup setting powder absorbs oil and unlike the other setting powder, it doesn’t leave the skin dry.

4. I’ve tried it as a face powder and I can say that it gives you a smooth finish.

5. It blends easily and smoothly compared to the other setting powder and one user told me it holds up great in heat (that’s a plus, its always hot in this parts).

6. They claim it is finely milled, that’s definitely the truth and the most obvious of all the claims.


Finely Milled

This is my review, I would rather the Sacha buttercup setting powder than any other setting powder for now, until another better product comes out.

Have you used the Sacha buttercup setting powder before? Whats your experience? Share with us in the comment section below.

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