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There are arguably a percentage of people on this earth that are pretty stylish but are buried deep under the world of celebrity styles and other noises. Thanks to Instagram however we have been able to see these people surface and we are totally blown away by how much artsy they can get with their looks.

Out of this percentage of people, Roselima a rising Influencer is one of them. Little is known of this gorgeous Diva as she likes to keep her page simple and void of any information but upon careful perusal we discovered that Roselima_4 which is her Instagram handle is the owner of the Lima Hewgi Atelier, a clothing brand based in Nigeria.

This insight has made us understand more about her nature, its simple; she knows how to dress and style her clothes perfectly and so what better profession is there than to be a part of the clothing brand industry.

We’ve decided to honor the stylish clothier by showing you some of her excellent and outstanding fashion takes. This pictorial gallery is to make you see that there are people that are not celebrities but have distinguished taste when it comes to fashion:

Pictorial Gallery of Roselima’s Style – Scroll Through


Hello World

Flare Pants

Flare Pants






Roselima has got an impressive style and there’s no doubt about it. From the above pictorial gallery you can clearly see how she moves smoothly from a quirky to classic to an elegance style. Her ability to pull off several pieces in different ways is what makes her stand out.

Which look did it for you? Tell us in the description box below.

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