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Inspired by the love of Africa, so many creative ideas come into play. Bracelets for instance, are very common in Africa, such that you don’t have to be very rich before having them. There are some that are fast and easy to make, while others require patience and creativity. The African DIY loom bracelet falls under this category, but it’s truly fun to make and rock at the same time. This is the African DIY loom bracelet you need to rock with pride;


Loom Bracelet

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The materials needed for this project are as follows;

  • Bead Loom
  • 220 Inches thread or strand of floss
  • Size 10 seed beads (varieties)
  • Beading needles
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors
You start by setting up the loom like this;
  • Decide how wide you want your bracelet to be before setting up your loom with thread; you’ll need one strand of thread for every bead plus one. Then measure your twenty-two (22) inches long strands of yarn, gather one end of the threads together, tie them in a basic knot about one inch from the end and trim the ends to make them neat.
  • Wrap the threads around the stem of the lock several times if your loom has a tall end. Pull your threads up and over the top bar of your loom and turn your loom around so as to pull the threads towards you while arranging them evenly on the groves.
  • Making sure to space your threads out evenly once again, pull the threads down and over the bottom end. Let this picture tutorial guide you;


Here’s how to make the bracelet;

  •  Thread your needle with about 80 inches. Taking the end f your thread, tie it onto the top left-most warped thread and leave about 2 inches tail.
  • Thread nine beads onto your needle and beading thread, pull the beads under the warped threads, push them up between the warped threads, weave your needle back through them and ensure that you guide the needle over the warped threads.
  • Unwind your bracelet at the bottom of the loom and take it off of the loom when it is long enough.
  • Start with one end of your bracelet, then thread an outside thread onto your needle and weave it into your bracelet. Weave all threads except the two center warp threads into your bracelet, in order to create fasteners.
  • Thread both center threads onto your needle, add or thread two to three seed beads onto your needle, followed by a large round bead, and one more seed bead. Push your needle back through only the round bead and two to three seed beads. Weave the remaining thread in 2 inches and cut off any excess thread.
  • Go to the other end, and repeat all what you’ve done above on this very side.
  • Thread both your center threads onto your needle, add between fifteen to twenty seed beads onto your thread, push your needle through the first bead, and pull tight. Continue adding beads until you get the right size.
  • Lastly, weave  the remaining thread in two inches and cut of any excess thread. This picture describes the above processes;
loom4 finishing bracelet

Finishing bracelet

You are good to go with these. Rock your African DIY loom bracelet with pride, as this would match any outfit of yours!

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