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2017 Christmas has come and gone, but here we are, still in the spirit of Xmas and thanksgiving, being grateful to the creator for a lovely 2017, and wishing for a better 2018. Of course, this event just doesn’t go with dance, praises and prayer alone. It is incomplete without the mouthwatering aspect of it, which is ‘item seven‘.

We are all used to the normal preparation of jollof rice with beef, but it’s no longer strange to us that it’s the family of the bird, chicken and turkey precisely, that pay the greatest price at this time of the year. Certainly, one turkey, hen or cock has to die for the family, take it or not.

Although we know very well that a special day is usually set aside for thanksgiving in the world, which is on the 23rd of November, however, the thanks giving here is private and special. The major highlight of Thanksgiving Day is all the food that you get to eat with your loved ones.

So now that you are set for that great thanksgiving of a brand new year, prepare a mouth watering delicacy, making everyone never forget how sweet it was to come and offer thanks to the creator with you. For this reason, we bring you our top favorite recipe or your celebration. This just the tasty roast turkey you need this time;

Roast turkey

Hello World

Here’s a video to guide you on how to prepare the tasty roast turkey ;

Source: The New York Times (YouTube)

This roast turkey is absolutely yummy!

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