Rita Dominic Rocks Her BOHEMIAN ATTITUDE.[See Photos]


Just like the popular saying, black isn’t just a color, its an attitude. So also is the bohemian hairstyle. Its an attitude. Wearing bohemian give you a certain class,there is an aura of grace the hairstyle calls out for you. Bohemian hairstyle is artistic,feminine and an accurate expression of one’s personality.
Many of us probably still remember the days of telephone wire while growing up,this is more/less the advanced stage. Its in human hair,virgin hair and even synthetic with different colors to suit your style,black,brown,blonde and burgundy. Wearing bohemian hair and rocking it with the right attitude and combo is an Art. Its not an hairstyle anybody can wear,because if you can’t handle the Art and attitude it commands then,it won’t suit you perfectly.
When I say there is aura about the Bohemian,its true. Bohemian speaks,there is a romantic nature about it. Fluffing your hair in creative styles to suit that event brings out another side you probably haven’t explored in a while. Many advantages can be attached to it. It last long,you can rock your Bohemian for as long as you want,with adequate care and treatment of course,especially the human hair type.
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You can use it more than once and it keeps getting better each time you wear it. Its versatile,the creative aspect of this hair cannot be emphasized enough,fixing it in different patterns such as side parting,center parting,close-up,you can fix all to the back,giving you room to pack it up into buns and all. There is also the side fix,where part of the front hair is gelled and the other falls on the side. Many things you can do with bohemian. However,bohemian doesn’t come in curls alone,it comes in long,wavy hairstyles too.
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