We ought to be very mindful of what we eat, where we eat and when we eat.  A reader of this might wonder why if this actually matters. Of course it does maters my experience with obesity and infertility.

When I was spinster I can’t remember owning more than a pot of my own, I am quite sure this sounds surprising since I am a lady. I was so into my work, dedicated my time and passion to it. I could always make do with a cup of tea and few slices of bread for breakfast. As for lunch and dinner; it definitely got to be at the eatery. But that’s the point, junks, fatty foods, over feeding and even late night feeding are silent killers. They do the body more harm than good, how I wish I had gotten the orientation earlier.



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I am this chubby looking lady without much exercise I appeared fit so I never noticed the increase in fats in me not until my tummy began shoot out than usual. My fiancé used to be very observant but he was away. He was out of the country for a course abroad and still had few months left for the completion of the program.We had fixed date for our wedding already and the plan was ongoing it was to happen a month after the completion of his course (19th of December 2015). By the time he returned, I was a total mess, my belly had shoot out though I had been trying to get rid of this pot belly by having few morning sit ups and jogging.  He insisted I intensify the measures because he can’t marry a pregnant woman looking like his mom. I registered in a gym and was doing some burn outs. The process was too slow and gradual for what I wanted


This is what you gain from gyming but that’s not the main prerequisite for $3xuality

We had the wedding any way because the love we shared was more than a belly thing. The crisis actually began on bed. I observed I don’t always feel the urge for making love even when we do I could never satisfy him worst of all I couldn’t take in for 6 months. He was scared that I had got involved with another man why he was away and that I was probably still seeing him. I had to see a doctor since for medical checkup. It was only then I got to know that my nonchalant attitude had cost me a lot. The doctor said that the excess belly fat in my body had caused a drop in the level of my testosterone.

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The doctor gave me lot of lecture on things to do to boost my fertility; he mentioned something like getting necessary supplements to enhance my libido but warned on the side effects of using drugs for $3x drives. I knew gym was not an option any more at this juncture. I opted for the supplements immediately. Thank God I had dazzled into a topic related to shedding weight, enhancing $3xual weakness and fertility issues online before. I made more enquirers on the site xxxxxxx and the supplements. First the health educator worked on my pot belly which we achieved in few weeks. Next I began therapy for my libido and infertility it worked faster than I could imagine. Bottom line; watch what you eat at this festive period.

Who is in urgent need of this supplement? These questions say all

  1. Do you have decrease in libido (low $3x drive)?
  2. Do you lack energy?
  3. Are you married for more than three months and yet to conceive?
  4. Are you obsessed and get upset looking at yourself in the mirror
  5. Do have decrease in strength and endurance?
  6. Have you noticed decrease in enjoyment of life?
  7. Are your erections less strong?
  8. Have noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  9. Are you falling asleep?

This is a true life line You can be as healthy as I am now.

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