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Usually, Ankara fashion styles can be used for diverse types of bags and purses. The easiest one however, is to revamp a clutch by putting into use, any old or worn out purse. It does not matter, as it will all get wrapped up with textile. Use fancy Ankara fabric  to shape your own smart and hip outfits and accessories this weekend. Simply revamp that old bag with your Ankara fabric and be left with a brand new Ankara bag.

You need the following materials for this project;

  • An old bag
  • Ankara fabric
  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Scissors

To begin, prepare the bag by removing all the clamps from it. You may use a knife to do it. Ensure that you don’t break them, as you will need them later on. Detach all peeled parts if the handbag is shabby, so as to allow the fabric glue nicely to the surface without any air bubbles and pimples created on it. Also cut loose the clutch lining so as to enable you clip the drapery over the edge and glue it inside in between the insert and the purse material.


Step 1

Hello World

Then pick your Ankara fabric and measure it against the bag. Wrap the clutch in the material and see, where the prints should go and mark the size of the portion you need to cut. You should open it and clip the fabric over the upper part and go all the way around the purse to the other side since it’s a clutch.


Step 2

Using your hot glue gun or any transparent all-purpose glue suitable for fabric, glue the bag. Start gluing the cloth from the lower edge. Leave the over-measure to clip over the edge, then smear the glue onto the face part of the bag, stick the textile. Clip the over-measure and glue it in-between the clutch textile and lining, making a nice, crisp bend. Then apply some more adhesive and pull the fabric so there would be no wrinkles. It has to sit nice and tight.


Step 3

After the above process, put the clamps back on. All the clamp openings are glued over with the fabric. So, you need to find them and cut open. Then insert the clamps and fix them there.


Bag 4

Finally, glue back the lining. The parts you have cut open can be glued back only after you insert the clamps. Apply some gum inside the bag and fasten the lining. This way all the edges of fabric would be hidden inside. The bag looks as good as new with no signs of being refurbished.


Step 5

Show your friends you’ve got a huge fashion sense with your new Ankara bag this weekend!

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