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This happens to the best of couples; in the beginning, both of you can’t keep your hands off each other. But over time, after one or two kids and especially when life gets busy, that sexy spark fizzles.  It’s an entirely natural part of settling into a long-term relationship or marriage, the initial honeymoon period fades and what was once intense and exciting becomes calmer and getting an early night sleep becomes the ultimate priority. The worse is when one partner still has the same sexual drive but the other party is avoiding sex not for lack of interest but due to one reason or the other such as avoiding pregnancy and a host of other excuses.

Getting pregnant can be one of the best things that can happen to a couple, but when it happens at the wrong time or unplanned, it can cause a strain on any relationship. This can cause a lot of couple to look for new tricky and seemingly smart ways to avoid getting having sex with their husband to avoid getting pregnant.  This ranges from counting safe days to coming up with excuses to avoid sex altogether, depriving your partner and yourself of pleasure and fun.

Don’t be the wife who has a million excuses to avoid sex with your partner or the husband who goes home and straight to bed because you are tired of the excuses. With Lydia IUD you don’t have to give up on sex or create a schedule to have sex just to avoid getting pregnant. You can cross the risk of unplanned pregnancy off the list for as long as you want by using the Lydia IUD. Lydia IUD is a small copper device that is inserted into the womb to prevent pregnancy. It is safe, effective, discreet, reversible and requires no daily or monthly check and no weight changes, happy to hear that? So, what are you waiting for? Get your groove back with Lydia IUD today

To get the Lydia IUD, call Dr Lydia on 09094998788 for a referral to the nearest clinic or click here to book an appointment. You can also visit or click here to learn more about the Lydia IUD. #BeLydiaSmart

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