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As a Nigerian, you don’t need to be reminded that the country is in the worst recession that we’ve ever experienced and the cries of no money have become legit. The issue now is how do we survive, its one thing to say, “All is Well” but would it actually be well? There are certainly measures that need to be put in place if you want all to be well, scroll down to check out the recession rules every diva should follow.


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1. Its Buy 9ja Only time 

Well lovely ladies that love Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and all other big names in the fashion industry etc its time that we start supporting our own, it’s time that you start falling in love with brands like Aviry Atelier, Elvira Jude, Wana Sambo, Toju Foyeh, Wani Fuga, Gbemisoke shoes and a host of other names. If big celebrities are following the #buy9ja trend then you should too, plus It saves you a lot of money and you can still buga because, hey! you are wearing big nigerian brands.

2. Its not TGIF every Friday

Its recession time ladies, TGIF cannot be every Friday, save your money, save your boyfriends money, save your husband’s money and save the money of that poor man that is drooling over you. Remember “Its not every time go to party sometimes watch Netflix and chill”.

3. No more shopping spree

Ladies!!! ummm… Please o y’all need to reduce this monthly trips to Dubai, if you don’t go to Dubai in a month or buy clothes from Boss or Mango’s at the palms in a month, nothing would happen, the moon would not start shinning during the day so you need to cut cost.

4. You don’t need high end beauty products

Granted some high end beauty products are great but that was before the recession, drugstore products now cost the same as the high end used to. Biko, it is beauty product, there are so many drugstore products that are amazing abeg! switch, save cost and look great.

5. Join the braid gang or the crochet gang

Even people abroad don’t change hairstyles like many nigerian women, Haba!! changing hair everyone week, please that needs to go. Join the braid gang so you braid your hair and leave it in for a month. The upside to this is that you would allow your hair breath since these hairstyles are protective hairstyles.

6. Ankara is the way forward

You know we’ve got you and we would always bring you the latest style, no need to look for Zara or atmosphere at this time when you can get a lovely tailored Ankara style you can slay in.

7. Start Budgeting 

Yes we know you need to take care of yourself it would be easier to do that and still have money if you learn how to budget.  Click here to check out how to avoid being broke before you receive your next salary. Learn how to draw up a budget and shop on a budget.

8. One More Thing

Remember it is a recession, would it be wise if you buy the latest Ipad or Iphone… This gadgets can pay for a unilag students entire 4 or 5 years school fee’s, it can buy you a land somewhere in Ogun state (where you can start farming business) and you would not die because you don’t have one, just saying…


What can’t you do without on this list? Lets know in the comment section below.

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