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We all love our lips to look fabulous and perfect at all times but no matter what color of lipstick is in vogue or whichever is trending there is that one lip color that we always go to no matter what. Now this signature lip color that you absolutely can’t do without reveals your true nature; you don’t believe me then its ti e to explore your true nature see if am right or wrong.

If your fall back color is a barely-there or Dusky pink shade then you are a purist and…



Hello World
  • Your signature look is Flirty, Body flattering and you love vintage and light neck piece like pearls.
  • You can be found having breakfast in an elegant restaurant with bea
  • Your beauty slogan is perfection and tradition.

If Your fall back color is Bold-berry or burgundy then you are bold and…

Not shy

Not shy

  • Your signature look is attitude with over-sized sunglasses
  • You can be found taking your time at a shop to get the perfect outfit to suit your style.
  • Your beauty slogan is “go big or go home”

If your fall back color is Eye-catching tangerine or coral then you are spontaneous and …



  • Your signature look is floral prints.
  • You can be found at Elegushi on the weekends or booking tickets to Mauritius or Calabar.
  • Your slogan is “There’s no place like the beach”

If your fall back color is Natural tone then you are confident and…



  • Your signature look is a structured tote and neutral toned outfit.
  • You can be found around the office always networking and looking like a boss.
  • Your beauty slogan is “keeping it poised, polished and professional”

If your fall back color is baby pink/Magenta/shimmer then you love to rock and roll and…




  • Your signature look is a chick bodycon or jumpsuit with killer heels.
  • You can be found at the latest club/restaurant/lounge openings
  • Your beauty slogan is “a little spice never hurt anyone”

If your fall back color is chocolaty brown then you are true and…



  • Your signature look is denim and pull overs.
  • You can be found at home cozying up.
  • Your slogan is “do what you love and you’ll glow from within”

If your fall back color is sophisticated rose/peaach then you are subtle and…

Light Rose


  • Your signature look is gladiator sandal and floor length maxi dresses.
  • You can be found running errands, exercising, meditating.
  • Your beauty slogan “less is more”

If your fall back color is Plum/purple then you are a statement maker and…



  • Your signature look is a silk blouse, skinnies and a well manicured nails.
  • You can be found celebrating with the girls and hanging out with your besties.
  • Your beauty slogan is “more is so much more”
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Whats your go-to lipstick color?

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