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Welcome to my page. My name is Ramona McDermott, but everyone calls me Mona. I was raised in New York, Bronx, but currently reside in Ghana where I was born. It has been ten long years since I made my move back home; it was one of the toughest decisions I had to make years ago but now I can proudly say it was one of my best decisions regarding my life.. I am married to my best-friend a.k.a my Husband and we are blessed with two wonderful kids. Caiden who is four and my beautiful daughter Skylar Blue Who is now 2 years.

Hello World

Seven years ago I enrolled in Vogue Style Fashion Institute. During my year of study I learned how to pattern draft and construct garment. A whole year and a half later I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I then realized one thing, “As much as I have a passion for fashion, I did not want to be the one making the clothes, but rather the one wearing the clothes”.

Before having my two wonderful kids, I wore anything I pleased. But after two cesarean that option goes out the window. My body had a few changes than expected such as stretch marks and loose skin. My friends call me crazy because they say they don’t see what am complaining about. I tell them, It’s because I have accepted my new body so I know how best to cater to it. 🙂

Fashion had always been my passion and shopping is definitely my hobby so putting the two together I started a blog. Sometimes I want to believe it’s more of an addiction than hobby (lol). I am a believer of thrifting, I love colors and my style has no boundaries. I do believe every mistake is a new style. It’s up to you and how best you can flaunt your mistake.

My goal is to have as much fun… be as creative as I can possibly be, connect with you and hopefully inspire someone with my sense of style. As she said

“I Don’t Do Fashion, I AM FASHION” -Coco Chanel.

Thank you and expect loads of fashion goodness from me 💋.


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