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Julia Child said “People who love to eat are always the best people” as strange as this quote may sound, there is some truth in it. You see good food make you feel good, whenever you eat something savory, there’s this overwhelming joy that you feel this is why they say food=life.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives” This saying was written by author Oscar Wilde and there’s no denying that many of us have felt this way. I could go on and on with the quotes, I could tell you how food is the key to a mans heart, or how food is the ingredient that binds us together etc. However this post is not just for famous quotes its also a place for you to learn how to make something delicious.

Hello World

“Food is essential to life therefore make it good” with this statement you must be ready for this food tutorial; In today’s post we would be showing you how to prepare ram and sweet potato porridge.

Here’s what you’ll need:



Cameroon Pepper,
goat meat seasoning
dried pepper
ram meat
green and red pepper carrot
sweet potato
scent leaf
pepper soup spice.

Watch the video on how to prepare ram and sweet potato porridge;



Source: Sisi Yemmie Tv

You could switch the ram meat with beef, chicken or turkey… Food is all about experimenting and I guarantee it would taste just as good if not better. So do not be afraid to twitch food recipes according to your preference.

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