Hi Soon-to-be Mothers!

To be a mother is not an easy task. You just have to be mindful of your outlook. Besides, this is a very tender stage; whatever you do affects your bump. Not only do you consider your clothes during pregnancy you have to consider your shoes too. Your shoes have to be as comfy as ever. Just go for cute and comfortable shoes this time.


Pregnancy footwear

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These are the qualities to look out for in your shoes during pregnancy;

1. Easy to fit: To put on shoes will become a huge chore during this period because your bump is affected by every movement you make thus, you should look out for shoes that fit easily. Choose a shoe that you can easily put on without the need to bend down. If possible, do away with  shoes with laces.

2. A little extra room: You’d want to have a little bit of extra room for when your feet and ankles swell. Knowing full well that they would definitely swell as your pregnancy progresses, your once fitting shoe will feel like an anaconda trying to squeeze your foot off. Until the swelling comes you can always wear an extra pair of socks to fill in the extra room. An added advantage of this is that it will allow you to remain standing for longer periods of time before your feet begin to fatigue.

3. Supportive: Usually when it looks like your ankle is grinding into your foot while working, it’s a sign that your shoe is not providing enough support. Your joints are going to be under more stress than usual, with added baby weight.Thus by choosing a shoe with ankle and arch supports, you can reduce joint pains associated with walking if not eliminate them all together.

4. Stylish: There’s absolutely no reason why shoes can’t be cute during pregnancy. Imagine some pregnant woman whose looks become strange or funny during pregnancy, yet slaying in odd outfits and shoes. You kill it all when your shoes are not cute during this period. Shoes should be stylish but comfortable.

Just consider these qualities for your shoes during pregnancy!

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