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The topic of today is one that goes down a long way, with the advent of Instagram, where you can go to someones profile and know all about the persons life,from the car they drive to their favorite color and even the most important people in their lives. I have met people on several occasions and to know more about them I check them out on Instagram,especially when its a nigga am having the flush for,lol. You know one cant be too careful nowadays oo,with Instagram and peoples display of affection there make we jeje know if e get one girl wey hin dey post her picture always or e get babe wey dey use am every time as her MCE.

Public display of affection can be a blessing and also a killer in relationships, to me its more of a killer, but i would not deny that it can be very adorable when a guy dotes on his bae at all times even on his Instagram page, that to me is all shades of cuteness (#DISCLAIMER,am in no way close to being this mushy).

On one occasion a friend was having it hot for a guy so she puts up his picture and someone comes up to say he is in a relationship, the girl dug deeper and found out it was absolutely true. Now If she didn’t put that picture up maybe, just maybe he would have left the other girl for her eventually ( mind you i no say make you dey wait as backup chic oo), on the other hand if she did not put up this picture she would have gone ahead loving and doing everything for this guy and then get the shocker after she has gone too deep in the relationship.

So people lets here from you what do you think about public display of affection ( PDA ) yay or nay, do you think its a necessity in a relationship or do you think it destroys the relationship?

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