For working women there’s no shortage of decisions, inclusive is the choice of what to wear to your 9 to 6 job (or 8-5 depending). Having to stand in front of your closet in the morning and staring into it with no incline of what to wear is a major problem, why? Because rather than thinking of that brief you have to present a part of your head space has been occupied.

Then why should we not stick to a uniform? Of cause, uniform make our life’s easy but they are boring and they don’t give our brain the jolt it needs because they are comfortable picks. You see that time you spend taking a quick look at your closet has been proving to be a form of brain exercise however;

Because looking through your closet is an exercise doesn’t mean you should waste more than five minutes searching for what to wear.

This week, we want you to exercise your brain but rather with what your brief meeting would be about and not what you have to wear to said meeting. And to make sure that you are not sporting a boring uniform here are corporate outfit ideas that prove that you can keep your corporate outfit popping.


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With these corporate styles your outfits are totally not going to be boring… 

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