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How awesome is this holiday? Am sure its going great for you, well lovelies while we may be enjoying this wonderful day and basking in the fact that we have so many interesting and fun activity to engage in, lets not forget that the work week starts from to morrow, hence its important to be prepared.

Employers expect you to be refreshed and refined because you had one extra day taken off your work week, so lets show them that we are ready to work with these corporate outfit ideas in the gallery below;

A two piece outfit is always a perfect and more pristine way to look corporate; pair a nice dress with a crisp white shirt and pump heels. Finish off with a simple and not conspicuous jewelry. 


Hello World

A dress is all you need to feel funky and still come out looking very “corporate”. Make sure you check out the details of the dress, its important for it to have spunk.

Corporate Style

There are different ways to pair two pieces together, these shirt and pant are the most simplest and yet refined way to look corporate to work. You don’t always have to put too much effort into putting a look together.

Titi Adu

Floral and prints are still in vogue and its always cool to take advantage of it; remember however to keep it very simple and precise so you won’t overwhelm those around you.

Debra’s Grace

Trumpets skirt’s always bring out the best in you; they outline your figure in such a way thats not too much or too little, its just perfect.

Dabra’s Grace

Colours are always interesting if you know how to work it into your everyday work look; the best ways is to always make sure you use a monochrome hue.


A dress with colorful partitions can be super attractive depending on how you wear it, its always good to keep jewelry to a bear minimum. 

Scarlet Virgin

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