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A lot of people are going about looking for love, some find while some don’t, this article are for those who have not found love yet. Have you ever asked yourself why you have not found love or have you asked yourself if you are searching the right places?

So here I am, to give you some tips on places you should never go looking for love.


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1. The strip club: Ok I know you wanna say “some good people go there”, but my brothers and sisters searching for love in a strip club is like searching for original Hermes Birkin bag at Yaba market, you would find different varieties of this bag but you would never find the original. Am not saying good people do not go to strip club but if you are a guy and you are looking for more than the boobs and the ass then I don’t think it is the best bet for you, for a lady if you searching for more than a guy who wants to treat you like some sort of possession to pay for strip club ain’t it sugar.

2. Your Office: People say that finding love at your place of work is not so much of a bad idea, but trust me it is a bad idea. imagine you wake up he/she is there, you get to work they are there, an office issue escalates it comes home with you. You have a relationship issue and it comes to the office with you, you would likely find it hard to be most productive as you would somewhat feel choked in between. Office relationship and love is a big no no.

3. Church: Yeah I know you would be thinking ‘but there are a lot of good people in church’ yeah they are but looking for love in church somehow, someway does not feel right to me, common you meant to go to church for spiritual sanctification and cleansing of your soul, then you there scoping one bobo/babe imagining how kissing him/her would be. Taa stop that listen to what the preacher is saying sharply. LOL. People think church goers are saints, what makes you think church going people aren’t sinners? They are some of the biggest sinners on the planet! So if you thinking saints are in church you can also see saints also walking on the road too.

4. Social Media: It is a good place to keep up with people you have already met tho, but it is really a ‘not so safe’ place to start up that love. Nigga be posing with an uncles car and babes be using apps to look $3xier 95% of things you see on social media are not real, there are exceptions yeah but most of them are not real at all. The internet can be a very dangerous place you never can tell who, the person you meeting online actually is, no one would disclose being a kidnapper on social media, so its best one is super careful when trying to find love on social media.

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These are some places that I think you should not go looking for love, I know you have had experiences so you can share your experiences in the comment box, lets hear from you where are the places where you think you should not go looking for love?

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