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If you are a man reading this then thumbs up and if you are a lady, then we are assuming you want to make suggestions for your man;

Weddings are ultimately stressful and trust me when I say it’s stressful for all party except that the women take on 75% to 95% of the stress.

While many people are superstitious about their weddings gowns, grooms don’t have the luxury to be superstitious and they need all the help they can get.

Fashion for men is ultimately more detailed than fashion for women and so many men can’t go through the hurdle of trying to get it right. Many times men like these one’s I just mentioned are the ones that require the most help when it involves picking out the perfect wedding attire .

Just imagine you walking down the aisle in a three piece suit looking dapper and sleek, people looking at you nodding in agreement, that feeling would plaster a huge smile on your face. But when you walk down the aisle and people’s reflex action in reaction to seeing you is a frown, that type of memory isn’t something you should have on your wedding day.

Now we are here to stop you from making a mistake that would turn you into a laughing stock. We are here to make sure that you get the inspiration that you require.

These inspirations is not only for grooms alone, since grooms have to coordinate closely with their groomsmen we thought to bring you ideas that would fit into both situations.

Now look closely because these groom and groomsmen outfits are beyond dapper, check them out in the gallery below.


Hello World

Brown Groomsmen style


Dark Groomsmen

Ash Grey


Light Grey




What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comment section below…

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