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Making up is fun but sometimes it can be daunting especially when you are trying to perfect a winged eyeliner. Am sure some of you are thinking “how compulsory is a winged eyeliner” well darlings if you want to achieve a sultry and alluring look then the winged eyeliner is your best friend however its not so easy to achieve especially if you are a makeup novice.

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Now, the winged liner look can be tricky, no doubt but with a few tips and tricks you can learn the right techniques you need to pull of this look. Check out a few ways you can achieve this look;

1. Outline your the bottom of your eye-lid with a light pencil eyeliner; draw a thin line very close to your upper lash, this line should be as thin as it can be, it would serve as a base for your winged liner. The base line doesn’t need to be neat, a little roughness wouldn’t make a difference however you need to remember to keep your eyelid as flat as possible while doing this.

2. The line would will extend diagonally up and out so you should measure how far out the wings should go. If you have a hooded eyelid then what you need to do is wing more outwardly than upward.

3. Lastly use your liner pencil to draw a thin diagonal line out to act as the wing, this line should match (not to perfection) the guide that you’ve already visualized i.e it should look like the extension of your lower lash line.

This tips are simple but you need a visual aid so watch Omabelle how you how to get the perfect winged eyeliner in the video below;





Source: OmabelleTV YouTube Channel

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