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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe

Fashion and style are two different things entirely, while fashion says “me too” style says “only me”. The reason why some people stand out of the crowd is because of their style.

Your style makes you different and it can either be good or bad; some people have the worst style you would ever come across, while others have something to learn from. Showing who you are and how you truly feel can be achieved through fashion and enhanced through style.

The Ankara fashion is such a big industry in Africa, the term “Ankara to the world” means so much to us contemporary African’s because its a way of showing who we truly are and the fact that we have embraced our originality. The Ankara fashion is even greater here in Nigeria, however the Ankara is a fabric that is affordable making it accessible to everyone.

How do you show your peculiarity when almost all of the 180 million Nigerian’s are art of the Ankara fashion? Our DNA shows that we are all different, we might look alike on the outside but there is a tiny touch of distinctiveness among all of us.

Diane Von Fusternberg say’s “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”

To be different we have to reach within to find our peculiarity however, we need to spark our imaginative powers. To do this we need a goad something that would push us and allow us to express ourselves through styles.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to make your Ankara different, here are some Ankara styles that you should see;



Hello World

Layole Oyatogun



Mercy Johnson



These Ankara styles are most definitely peculiar…

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