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Hi. Pls hide my ID. I have dated my ex 4 about 8 yrs but we brokeup after he cheated and made another chick pregnant.  He begged me 2 take him back of which I did and we continued 4 about a year but I left him 4 another man whom I don’t even love, it was just 2 get back at him 4 wat he did 2 me. He asked me 2 leave de guy and wanted 2 pay lobola 4 me, but I neva did. I’m now pregnant with dis new man’s child but my problm is I still love my ex a lot and he stopped talking 2 me and wants nothing to do with me after he found out about my pregnancy.  I can’t get ova him and it really hurts me that he wants nothing 2 do with me anymore. I have somch memories about him.Please help me. Will I eva love dis new man de way I loved my ex? Must I continue with dis relationship even though I know deep down that I love my ex alot?
Dear Sister,
Hello World
Your story is that of pay back gone wrong, there is a limit to what is called pay back, if you knew you were still angry with him why take him back, if you knew you could not stay with him without thinking of what he has done why did you take him back. It is you who got hit by the pay back not him, because he is living his life now and you are stuck with a guy you do not love.
There is actually nothing I can do for you, it is your choice its either you stay with the guy you do not love or move ahead, truth is your ex would not come back except you are among the 2% Exception.

Hey dear there is this guy m dating n we be been MRE of hands n gloves ,we do everything together we share our lives even our darkest secret n all,he doesn’t judge me n all DAT Dn he moved out of town n we its bn a long distance relationship for 6 months now .he was madly n love with me BT lately he strtd show in less concern n all asked him why he said Cs m always teln him to go Cs of my insecurity n I come bk aftrwrds begging him Dn we settled it bt d love n connection ain’t strong anymore n I want to make it strong n I don’t know how and I really wanna know if he does value me or if am just an opportunity to me swt …m confused

Dear Sister,

What I see here is a girl scared of loosing someone she cares a lot about, and being insecure would not help you, just communicate with him express yourself but do not act like you are being insecure and also do not get jealous over issues you not meant to get jealous over, be you, express your love, enjoy yourself but do not be insecure.

Hi Amaka hope you are doing great.
Please i need your advice.  Am 30years old and have a 7years old son. i have fallen inlove with a 30years old guy who has not yet gotten a job. i advice him to get into business and have given him 300thousonds france to start a biz. we have been dating for over three months now but when i go to visit him at their house he hide me from his perent with pretects that his giving them respect. Also his just too quite and i don’t really know his mind.right now i feel fraustrated i don’t know what to do. please help me out
There are two parts to this, its either this guy is not in love with you but wants to get things out of you, its either you are a sort of money bag for him or it is that he is not ready to show you to his family, either ways it is not favorable to you. Sit him down and tell him what you think, if there is no change its high time you move on and let him go, do not feel you would not get other people to be with you, you sure would and you would get all the whole load of happiness, take your time.
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