In the midst of all the misconception floating around the fashion world among this many sartorial misinterpretations, the Ankara fabric has to be worn in a “classic only” way only is one of those rules we would be debunking in this post. This rule stands to be disapproved and we have proof.

In reality, the African print can be styled anyway you want to, the fact that you feel you can’t think out of the box with your Ankara is very limiting. When such thought crosses your mind it only leaves your styling on a mediocre level, but when you realize that you can do whatever you want then there is growth and you begin to see the changes as this changes comes with more admiration…

In this first photo, yes the one you can see below; fashion stylist Teni Oluwo takes her styling to another level. She mixes a little bohemian there, modern hipster here and finishing with a touch of Grunge.


Hello World

Wow! she’s definitely an independent thinker and there’s no disputing that now however you might feel that her look is too much for you, not to worry you can try Ankara styles that have an over-all classic vibe but they also have that modern sizzle that makes it worth while.

Here’s a look at the Ankara styles only independent thinkers can pull off:








Are you an independent thinkers? Tell us which Ankara style you are comfortable with | Leave your comment section below.

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