Ombre Lips: Dramatic Lips You Should Totally Rock.


Hey ladies

This week we would be doing something a little different, last week was all about the eyes and how to achieve different dramatic look for your different outings, today we would be looking into ombre lips.



Hello World

In retrospect ombre lips is a better and modernized form of blending different lip stick colors on your lips. it looks hard but here are some easy and cheap ways to achieve this look.






Step 1.  First start by apply foundation and powder to have a blank canvas and blend with your lips to even them out.

Step 2. Go around your lips with a sharp pencil liner for the color you want at the bottom part of your lips

Step 3. Use the liner to define and fill in your base for the lipstick, this helps colors stay on much longer.

Step 4. Next step is to put in your lip stick, note that working with matte lip stick or gloss is best for ombre lips as it affords a smoother application.

Step 5. Line the edges of your lips once more with the pencil liner and begin to blend.



Application of the liner or lipstick might look a little bit messy, here are some tips to help with that.

1. Apply lipstick with an angled brush.

2. blotting with tissue helps keep lipstick from smudging

3. Lip stains are great options if you don’t want the mess of lip stick.

4. dabbing loose transparent powder on the lips then re-applying keeps lipstick matte much longer.



Pictures of more dramatic style ombre lips




Caribbean blue.





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