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Its Friday tomorrow people, are you dancing ‘kabiyesi’ with me, feeling the Friday groove for y’all. Talking of groove ooh I’m meant to also be thinking about my own groove if not for this serious issue that just sprang up for a friend of mine, as the amaka that I am, I have to try help. I bring this issue here so you guys can help me in advising her, your comments would help me here fam.

For the purpose of this article my friend would be Ola, so Ola is in some sort of dilemma she has two men in her life both do want to marry her, they are both age mate, they both do love her, but the issue is

Number one guy is a ‘nobody’ he has no money, none whatsoever, with Ola getting married to him she would have to live a life of managing, he is hardworking yeah but he has just not made it, he does love her and he believes she should hold on to this love and stay with him, he adores her he does not think of any other woman except her, he worships her, he would rather go naked than for her to shed a single tear, he can trek from ikorodu to yaba just to use his last money to buy her anything he can afford,  to make her smile. He is all shades of perfect but would perfection put food on the table or make her look good?

Number two guy is a ‘somebody’ he has a whole lot of money he does respect her yeah, he loves her yeah but he is also married, he believes she should be happy he choose her to be his number two wife, he spends on her, sends her on travel trips, buys her latest trends and fashion, but due to the fact that he is married he is not always available, she has to alternate when she can or cannot see him, his wife knows about this her because their religion accepts polygamy, she has vowed not to be number two in any bodys life but in this situation she is super confused. He is also perfect in his own way but would his money and perfection make her want to live a life of being number two?

These both men wants to marry her, they both love her, her parents wants her to go ahead and be number two to the rich man, her siblings thinks its better she sticks to the number one guy even if he is poorer than a church rat. So lets imagine you are the Ola here who would you go for and why. Remember they both love. Would you rather be number one to a nobody or number two to a somebody??


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