Not over my past but want to move on


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Hello ma
I met this guy not up to 2 wks now but am in love wit him n after my past relationships. I Dont want to make any mistake. He’s a banker n am doing my service. He’s ogoni while am from opobo. I dunno if my mum will like him n he attended a polytechnic while I went to university.
I really want to settle down n he’s also sounding like he’s on same page bcos he is seriously talking abt settling down n seeing my people.
What can I do pls.


Hello World
:hello dear, first i must say the best and only way you can move on in life is by dropping off your past, you cant keep holding on to the past and expect to be happy in any new relationship you go into, you have to be willing to let go of the past relationship. secondly i do not think his being from another tribe or not going to a university should be much of an issue, as long as he is responsible and like you said he is a banker that means he can fend for himself. lastly its you who is settling down with him, so if he has all the qualities you want in a man, then its up to you to make your mum see this. If he has the qualities you are looking for i think you should go ahead and make yourself happy.

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