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Hello World

 The problem these days with most girls is that the description they give of their ideal man is virtually the same. When 50 girls want the same kind of man and the man that fits what they want is just one man, and the man can only pick one. Then, what becomes of 49 others? They simply start lamenting of “Husband Scarcity”. The easiest way to find a husband now, is to change your view of who a husband is. A husband is that man God made and then saw that it may be hard for him to really actualize his purpose for making him, without a help mate and then made the woman and gave to him, and he felt complete and fulfilled. I am not saying that you should pick anyone that comes your way and talk about marriage, not all men are husband materials. What I am saying is that you should stop setting your standard on material acquisitions or physical appearances. Look beyond the physical.

Dear Amaka,

I met a guy after my SSCE exams in 2007, we dated for 5 years. One day I caught him with a woman and we ended the relationship. I am 29 years now. As i’m writing this I’m not even in any relationship at all. Though I meet guys we have $3x and I go my way. Why can’t I get a serious person, do you think something is wrong with ? I seriously need to settle down as soon as possible.

 Dear Worried Lady,
I quiet understand your plight and I would like to advice you that you work well on yourself and stop sleeping with every guy that comes your way. Stop acting cheap because you aren’t getting younger anymore, focus on your future, prepare yourself for the right guy. If possible relocate, practice confidence, be open, be realistic, make new friends, be prayerful, read inspirational books, always present yourself effectively, always look neat and beautiful. Most importantly leave out all your bad habits that might stop a guy from getting serious. In all I wish you best of luck.
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