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Its the 30th of December; one more day till its January 2016 and so I believe a lot of us have begun to work on what our New Year resolutions would be, we definitely have quite a lot on our list. I decided years back that I wouldn’t have a resolution because I resolved years ago to be “Me”. I’ve never been who I wasn’t really and this is because I had the opportunity to learn a lesson at quite an early age and this lesson was you cannot please anybody so why bother.


Hello World

In reality, we are all different, we see things differently and we absolve things differently. The truth is we can only relate with people based on what we have in common, we can’t always get along with everyone and it is naive to think that everyone would get along with you.

In my lifetime I have dealt with all types of people and my survival kit has always being “Be blunt, honest and real”. Like I said not everyone would like you but those who do are keepers because it means you both see the world in somewhat or the same way.


Now whats the point am trying to make, very simple; it is easy for us to loose ourselves while we are trying to fit into others pictures, we find ourselves in this little bubble that we don’t like but we think we must keep because our friends, family or acquaintances might not accept who we really are. Here’s a truth, they don’t even know who you really are to tell if they like that person or not. Once you stop the pretense, once you quit being somebody else and embrace your individuality, once you begin to tell the truth, once you let go of all the unnecessary baggage of lies then you will find that those people you think may not like your true person are actually those who are true.

So ladies resolve to tell the truth (no matter what, honesty is key), resolve to take the truth (yes you should also learn to accept gentle criticism) and resolve to stop the pretense. Trust me guys you’ll fell supper once you let go

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