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There are so many ways to embrace the black hair. You could either relax, texturize or keep it in it’s natural state however even when you choose the exact state and texture you want your hair to be in the choices are wide ranging when it comes to how to protect your hair. For the black girl because of the nature of our hair, it’s holds down pretty tight, do you could do a plait without worrying that it would come loose, or you could use a weave to cover the hair either ways there is quite a lot of options to go through.

However, as much as these options are open, there are quite a lot of hairstyles out there that we can try and sometimes it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out whats best for your mood at that moment. Thankfully Instagram hair influencers like Nneoma of Nne’s corner are on hand to inspire you almost weekly. For beauty influencers it’s all about creating that option that would work best so that their followers can have ideas on how to switch up their looks anytime. Nneoma is know to switch up her looks and she always try’s out different weaves, plaits etc in creative and really catchy ways.

For a black woman or a black girl having options on what to do with our hair is very important and thankfully there are people like Nneoma who we can really on.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite looks, you could catch more hairstyle tips from us this week but for now, here’s something to inspire you thanks to Nne’s corner…

Nne’s Corner 🌼| Hairstyle Guide-Book 🌻

Teal Blue Weave

Hello World

Bob Hairstyle

Afro Blonde

Goddess Hairstyle

Puffy Born


Bun Wrap

Yellow Gold

Be Inspired By These Hairstyle Ideas…

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