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Oily skins require proper skin care regimen, the oil blotting paper would not do much for you so its time to put it down and focus on a more effective skin care routine. One of the annoying features of having an oily face is the fact that your makeup tends to slide down your face less than half a day making things difficult for you as you try to fix your face up.

Its time to take control and the right skin care routine according to dermatologist would be able to maintain your skin and keep it natural and moisturized and the best step to taking control is getting your skin care routine right.


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There are Four steps to taking care of your oily skin and they are;

  1. Cleanse: Which is when you wash away excess oil without penetrating the natural moisture of the skin, this is an important step.
  2. Tone: This step is just as important you can use specific oily skin toners.
  3. Mask: Using a face mask is important click here to see reasons. If you are masking use specific mask for oily skin.
  4. Lotion or serums helps to add moisture to your face after the rudiments it just went through.

Here is a video of YouTube vlogger Maha Maven showing us a step by step tutorial of her night time skin care routine, this tips should help those with oily skin take proper care of their skin.

Note: You can scrub your face with your bear palms or you can use scrubbing gloves.

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