Apparently You Can Plan a Perfect Nigerian Wedding with 1 Million Naira Only


Nigerian Wedding – How To  Plan

Every guy I know is scared about the money he would have to spend for his wedding. I mean, it is not an easy something. What most of them didn’t know is that you can budget 1M for a wedding. Not a big one of course but a wedding still.

Hopefully you guys can use this breakdown to set up your own budget.

Total Guest to Plan for this wedding is: 150

Couples Things – Total – N194.5K

  1. Wedding Gown –N 55k
  2. Bride Shoe and Accessories – N17.5K
  3. Bride Manicure and Pedicure with hair –N 15k
  4. Wedding Ring for both couples – N50k
  5. Groom Shoe and suit -N40k
  6. Groom accessories – Cuff Links, belt, Perfume, Wristwatch etc- N15k
  7. Groom Haircut and Makeup – N2k

Decoration and Venue –N175K

  1. Venue – N150k (this should please include all the important stuff)
  2. Decoration of the venue – 25k

Reception Food and Drinks – N392.5k

  1. Cake – N22.5k
  2. Food – N300k
  3. Drinks – N70k

Others – N135K

  1. Photography – N100K
  2. MC – N10K
  3. DJ Only – N25K


By the time you sum up all the above cost it is not even up to a million naira. Please guys let us know if your wedding had a similar budget or you think this one is too stiff

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