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Every African country has their own type of native wear; native in the sense that the style is attributed to that particular country only or for simplicity sake, the style originated from the country. In Nigeria we have several native wears based on the fact that there are several tribes in Nigeria but we would stick to dividing them according to the four geographical zones which would be the North South, East and West;

These four regions have their separate wears but with modern times, somehow this wears have merged into one, while most of these regions prefer a certain type of look for example, most of the female northerners don’t like to expose their body the southerners and every other tribe don’t hold water when it comes to flashing a bit of their skin.

Most Nigerian native wears can be seen in full force when there is a wedding ceremony or burial or naming ceremony and all other festivities that promote our cultures and traditions. For the westerners it’s the aso ebi styles and aso oke which as you may already know have been adopted by every other tribe in Nigerian and some outside the country. For the westerners the aso ebi means family and unity and one can see why this appealed to the other tribes because of course family is a very important word in Nigeria.

While the westerners have their aso oke the southerners and easterners have a close culture and tradition one would say because of the close proximity of these states, the cultures from both sides robbed off on each one of them. The two wrapper is one of their favorites and a blouse made from lace or any other fancy fabric.

The Nigeria native wear is beautiful and we have this picture to prove the fact;


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