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The asoebi style is just amazing as it should be, let’s take a trip back into the past shall we; centuries ago before and during colonialism the asoebi was such a huge venture in the west, according to some historians, the weaving of cloth was done by housewives who would then take it into town to sell on market days, the purpose of cause wasn’t for fashion but for coverage and modesty (this is probably pre-colonial times) but a time went on this became something else, families who had something special to celebrate would get woven clothes and share it among themselves as a form of identity.

History has it that this was a form to unite the family and well, we guess it worked because in present times the asoebi styles have become something of a glorious tradition.

Back is historic times the asoebi fabric was either, the asooke fabric or the adire fabric but now it’s mostly, Ankara, lace, sequin and in all honesty materials just keep popping up, so much that we can barely keep up however what matters is the simple fact that the idea which is “uniformity” is still the reason why many of us can be seen in the aoebi native attire.

The Nigerian native style for wedding, which we like to refer to as asoebi is not only a western (by western we mean Yoruba tribe of Nigeria) culture anymore, as you can see other cultures have joined in and so it has become a national thing.

Asoebi is like the key to any owambe in the country, in short you don’t need to have an invitation, once you are in the asoebi, whoever is at the gate to the wedding venue already know who you are (not literally) and you would be allowed passage.

The asoebi is much more than it used to be, but let’s stop at this junction… Here are some amazing native attire styles for weddings you need to check out below;


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Mrs Adebutu

Be Inspired by these native attire styles…

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