Native wear or “Aso Ebi” is anything if not the best creative style when it comes to fashion, this is because a typical native wear is tailored to the taste of the wearer which automatically makes it unique. Whether the style later inspires others or not, there’s always that one thing that would make it different, if its not the fabric then it would perhaps be the way it is detailed. Being a fashion lover I am a big fan of the Native wear and of cause if you are an ardent reader you would be able to tell that most of us here at Madivas are big fans too. When it comes to the native wear there is no “Ideal” style only that it must not be ordinary; it is therefore left to you to choose whether you want a lavishly looking or glam wear.

Nigerian female native styles have a lot of intricacies about them, since there is nothing plain about the idea of the style you should always opt for good styles that you can repeat again. If you have to go minimalist, the idea of a minimalist native style is quite different – in this regard you can tone down on the beading or embedded studs a bit, dependind on the fabric you are using, and if the fabric is already loud then you can go for much more obscure accessories.

There are several interesting native styles that we have for you, let’s show you…


Hello World





Olori #sekinatelegushi

Princess Adeteju

Sade Okoye


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