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Even before now the gele has always been a huge culture in Nigeria, no aso ebi, native or traditional wear is complete without the gele. The African head gear is most popular in the western and south western part of Nigeria, back then in videos we even had women in their head gears displaying the rich culture and dancing to the high life beat.

Some popular videos that showcased the rich culture and traditions of the south western part of Nigeria includes Lagbaja’s “Skentele” and Jesse Kings “Buga” (watch them on YouTube). There you could see a portrayal of how the aso ebi and gele were styled back in the day, some had funny names like butterfly, Oni le gogoro, Iya rainbow, National Theatre, Umbrella the list goes on and on.

These days the gele styles are different, smaller in size and with more curves; there’s also the use of dual gele’s to create an enveloped style and there’s the re-reign of the aso oke this time with embellishments rather than plain.

The gele has now become a multi-cultural affair, its one style that seemed to have unified the taste of Nigerian women when it comes to traditional wears.

There are so many beautiful gele styles that are put up daily on the gram and as usual we are here to bring you some of the most fascinating gele styles out there. This look should interested you and inspire your next look for the next owambe you would be attending.

Now, lets check out the gele styles that’s are just too fascinating to ignore;


Hello World


Emelia Jane

Fola Fala


Holler Chillay



Peace Ibadin




Ayo Adesanya

I love these gele styles, which one is your favorite.

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