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Nigerians are fast lovers of different beauty trends. I recall when the Brazilian hair was first introduced; Nigerian girls would go the extra mile to get this on their hair, as this portrayed how expensive they are and made up for their hair textures. In the same vein, the natural hair has got a reasonable style trending on it, and that is the flat twist. Yes! Women of colour are gradually embracing their hair types as they are currently transitioning into rocking the flat twist.

A twist out is a great-looking natural hairstyle that can be done after wearing your hair in twists. Depending on the technique applied, you can create different styles, from a very defined twist to a looser twist that shows off more hair volume. While going through this process, there are a few hairstyles that have become quite popular and right now, the flat twist on transitioning hair has become quite a trend.

To get the perfect flat twist on transitioning hair, you should start out by de-tangling your hair and getting it moisturized. To moisturize, you should adopt the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method and to do so, you need various steps. I always thought that the hair must be a virgin hair to achieve this. Well, the video tutorial on how to make the flat twist will tell better. This always turn out to be an amazing hairstyle.

Here is what your flat twist looks like;

Flat twist

Hello World


 Watch this video on how to flat twist;

Source: Babilon Kay


Be proud of your natural hair. Embrace the flat twist trend!

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