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A fresh face never goes out of style, therefore your need to look natural even when you have makeup on is understandable. I don’t mind a face beat once in a while but its not something I would do everyday, sometimes you need to let your pores breath. The need for a light and natural makeup comes as a result of the need to brighten up your face without adding too many layers of makeup. Natural makeup is perfect for school, work and every other place.

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To achieve a flawless natural makeup, there are certain steps you need to follow; Consider this tips your guideline on achieving a flawless natural makeup.

  1. For your makeup to blend easily, gently was your face with a cleanser and a soft cloth to exfoliate.
  2. Next you need to moisturize your face using a tinted moisturizer, this would even out your skin tone and give you a warm tone.
  3.  The next would be to lightly conceal any spots or problem area on your face using a pigment rich-concealer. Remember not to use to much, just use a little because when you too much it enhances the areas where you have blemishes and spots rather than conceal.
  4. If your skin is oily then Option 1 (tinted moisturizer) should be skipped rather use a concealer and an oil absorbing powder instead. Make sure you swipe in a circular motion, do this lightly so as to have an undetectable veil as opposed to a baked look.
  5. For your cheeks, you need a natural and cool color. Remember this is supposed to be light and natural so its only reasonable if you propped your mirror against the window, so you can see yourself in the natural light.
  6. For your eyelids, shade them with a brown natural earth toned color that is slightly one shade darker than your skin tone.
  7. Softly amp your lips with a light shade of your lip color or use a lip balm.

Watch YouTube Vlogger Jackie Aina as she shows us how to get a Natural and Light Makeup look.

Source: YouTube Page Jackie Aina
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