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Some people would say couples who dress together slay together, well I don’t know if that really applies in some cases, and that’s why we are here right. Nigerians like to step out in style, it’s typical of both the men and the women and so couples who have an event to attend also find it important that they don’t just impress individually but together.

When two people coordinate their outfits they are in sync and it’s what we refer to as #couplegoals, you know that tag that you see a lot on instagram, it’s not just there for fancy, it’s there because some couples actually get it right.

Coordinating is not an easy task really when it comes to non-traditional and traditional wears. However we are going to give you some pointers that would help you coordinate properly with your spouse the next time you have an event that requires traditional wear to attend.

Because the asoebi fabric is a match-y fabric, you’ve got to be wise in its coordination, its important that you understand your fabric and how you can match them in several ways. Another point is the fact that you need to focus on the details and designs.

While picking a style the both of you have to aware because this would further ensure that your looks merge beautifully, therefore have a discussion on the style before the day you actually have to pull it off.

There’s so much I can tell you but let’s take a look at these native wears for couples shall we, I believe that these looks would inspire you;


Hello World




Omaxr29 & Sylzzyezeey




Neyomi Gborsi

The Adeogun’s

Uchecheckers & Uchegermaine





These couples Native wears is beautiful, don’t you think so.

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