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Knowing one’s culture and background is a form of identity; the zulu people of south African do not play with their traditions and cultures, it’s not a joke to them Neither should it be a joke to the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and other tribal people of Nigerian.

There are so many tribes in Nigeria but even with this many tribes it is a fact that Nigerians in general love FASHION. You would be surprised that fashion and elegance is such a big thing in many parts of the country, from the vibrant colors, the beautiful adornments that accompany most our traditional native wears you can tell that we have eyes on style.

The characteristic of you as a person and a Nigerian can be seen in how much of your culture you have embodies. One of the easiest way to show that you embody your culture is through the native style.

Native styles are the styles you can wear to a wedding ceremony, naming ceremony, burial ceremony, jubilees ceremony, festivals etc. Many of these places are where you can show off your native style.

We’ve put together some native styles you can show your tailor, they are fun and exciting and you are guaranteed to stand out; check them out below:


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These native styles are definitely worth showing your tailor, don’t you think so? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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