The great thing about men’s style in African is that it’s no ‘James Bond’ ;there’s much more spice to it than crisp white shirt and grey-ness. I strongly am of the opinion that African men in Native styles are the most attractive people in the world, there is just something about a man in a Kaftan that makes you feel secured and ready to conquer the world. African men don’t need no polo tucked into corduroy to look like they were soaked in class – not that am bashing the western style, how could I since we wear it daily, however a native style just gives you that sense of belonging and comfort that you never knew you needed.

In today’s post, it’s all about native styles for men, we would be taking a look into the latest design trends. Yes, even men have latest designs and for them, it’s all about the fit and the details.

Let’s take a look at some ongoing men’s fashion shall we;


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We have just made finding and saving ideas easier with this native styles for men fashion guide. Men’s clothing isn’t something to make a fuss about, however there is the need to have it well sewn, the cuts have to be perfect because unlike women, men cannot get away with an imperfectly sewn outfit, they would end up looking ridiculous. Therefore always make sure that you have a great tailor as well as a good embroiderer.

Hope these native styles for men fashion look-book has inspired you. Remember to come back for more…

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