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What’s there to know about men style, it seems like you have to enrol for a master class right? Well you really don’t because, the way I see it, it’s very simple as far as you know the right stuff to do, you would look 99% more than the rest of the men around you. While male style is not as complicated as the female version it still doesn’t mean there are no principle guiding the application;

There are principles to everything in this life really, some are obvious and others, not so much and so we have to look out for this little principle that would help us achieve the right look. In Nigeria or Africa as a whole, while we absorb the western fashion we also like to be seen in what we refer to as “Native styles”.

Native styles are somewhat more affordable and in all honesty men look good in them, there’s a class and sophistication about men in native plus it is custom made and thus it is tailored to perfection, no need for unnecessary adjustments, at least in most cases.

While it is much more affordable, it’s important that you get a very good fabric because as you know quality is much better than quantity (one of the rules) and it looks better too. Native styles for male has one disadvantage and that would only show itself if you go to a wacky tailor. Therefore you also need a very good tailor who would help you achieve perfection;

Let’s check out some cool and interesting native styles shall we;


Hello World







These native styles is really great…

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