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Photo’s cause a lot of emotions and one of this emotion is seeing what you want and knowing instantly that you totally need it. Today we have put together six Ankara style pictures that we believe would make you want to hit up your tailor.

One great thing about living in Lagos is that there is access to everything which makes it much easier, there are stalls, shops and many more means to get what you want. The coastal city is also a place where the latest fashion trend and styles come up every now and then and of cause as a true Lagosian you have to be able to pull off these looks.

However we all know that pulling off the latest trend is no easy feat, granted it may look like a piece of cake thanks to some of our favorite local fashion bloggers however it takes much more work and effort to attempt most of these style . The good news about this latest Ankara trend rocking the city is that it literally is the easiest thing.

If you are in love with laid back styles then this looks are for you, if you aren’t into laid back styles I still believe that these easiest Ankara styles from the gram would definitely help you make another choice, check them out below;


Hello World

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You truly don’t need to think too much before pulling these Ankara styles off.

What’s your take on these easiest Ankara styles from the gram, do you really think they are easy to pull off? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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