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Fashion, beauty, glamour are word that have existed since the beginning of time. History shows that early men and women wore rich apparels lined with stones gold and luxe embroidery. The upper and middle classes always cared about their looks and how they carried themselves.

The love for fashion today is definitely different from before, although you can still tell class by what type of luxury item a person owns, the difference however is that there are no restrictions anymore. People do fashion differently now, a typical example is how we rock our fashion in Nigerian.

Nigerians are boisterous and fun and so its expected that some of our traditions are along this route. My favorite display of our rich heritage is during the traditional wedding ceremony, typically the ambiance of this ceremony displays an interesting backdrop of cultural ancestry.

One among this culture that takes center stage is the “family cloth” this term is more popular in the Yoruba language; the Yoruba’s refer to this culture as the “aso ebi” . One can argue that the aso ebi was typically a Yoruba tradition that cut across all other tribes and you would be right, although historians are not certain but the earliest record of this tradition comes from the Yoruba tribe.

When in a celebratory mood families were known to weave a particular cloth that they would share among themselves. In modern time it has become much more, we refer to it as a fashion movement as it changed the perception of the Nigerian fashion industry.

As part of this fashion movement, it is expected that guest at weddings show up in well defined and classic aso ebi pieces and so we’ve put some native Ankara aso ebi styles together for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you look at this styles and be inspired;


Hello World


Red + Yellow







Whats your take on these native Ankara aso ebi styles? Tell us in the comment section below…

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