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Hello World

Hello Amaka,

“Please is it a sin to be engaging in different $3x style like doggy style? Because my wife sees it as a sin apart from missionary style”

I really do need your help as this is beginning to tear me apart, I got married to my wife two years ago before our marriage we were not $3xually active, because we both decided that our relationship edifies God (now i think i made the wrong decision, maybe if we were active i would have known this part of her). To be candid my wife is the best and i have never and i do not intend on cheating on her, she is all i need and more, but the problem is she is always lying down like a stick whenever we make love and never allows for us to try other styles, I felt i was not satisfying her and all so I tried to ask her about it and this was her reply. “Indeed  you should  not be conformed to this world”, I was so shocked and i replied her  ‘but there are some things that you have to update, for instance; your $3x life’

I have tried to talk to her about it, i do not want to cheat i do not want to look outside at all, but how do i cope, i bring this here because i know she reads all your articles maybe if you put this up she would understand better and our lives would change, i mean is $3x not meant to be enjoyed by both parties, whenever she lies like a stick it makes me feel so somehow that now i find it difficult to try because i feel that i am not doing here right, she believes the missionary style is the best and only way recommended by the bible, and she is meant to just stay there, please amaka is there anywhere this is written in the bible, because i have tried to search out the scripture myself, please help me amaka before i go insane.

Dear Brother,

Wow, First things first, forgive me if am wrong but there is no such style of $3x recommended in the bible all it says is for a Married. Your wife sure needs a lot of enlightenment, you probably need o talk to her more and if her mum is available it would be good to talk to her mother and get her to talk to your wife, I understand that you might not like the idea of talking to external people about your marriage but at this point it is important to talk to someone she would listen to and the best bet is her mum or a female pastor she looks up to as she is very spiritual, advice from a female pastor she looks up to would also go a long way to changing her mentality a great way.

It is not in any way a sin to engage in other styles as long as it is in the confinement of marriage, you should explore each other to the maximum and satisfy each other because that is one of the basic reasons why you are together.

I must compliment your being strong and trying to save your marriage also realizing that cheating is not an option, thumbs up very much sir.

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