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Some happenings are just unimaginable, it’s hard to believe but it happens. At first I thought victims keep it as a secret to save themselves from severe embarrassment but I was wrong as both nonchalant mothers can also be a cause to their children slavery. Would you count this as a result of the parents being divorced or the mother being non-nonchalant and ignorant?


Hello World

Am dying in silence. Am “17 years old and my step daddy has been sleeping with me, on several occasions I have told my mum but she will flog me and say I watch too many movies, I have also tried to tell my real daddy each time I go visiting but when he confronts my mum about it, she will fight him and call him a bad daddy has gone as far as filing for my full custody but they are still in court. My daddy asked me to get evidence but I don’t know how to. Please how do I get evidence to give my dad? My step daddy is very powerful and when he is on top of me I can’t move I wiLl just be shouting and he will use pillow to cover my mouth.sometimes she ask me to me licking his private part and if I refuse he will beat me up, sometimes he also licks my private part and put his fingers inside my body. I don’t like it because it is very painful and I feel pain each time I urinate. Please I need evidence

Dear Girl,

That you took a bold step to tell your mum and your dad is a very brave deed, most girls would have remained in such condition all because they are scared of the embarrassment it would cost them and how the mother or father would react. But are you sure you told your parents he was sleeping with you? Because you are too young to be going through such trauma when your parents are alive.

You cannot remain in that house as a $3x slave, you have a right to decide who you want to live with and if she insist on getting evidence then you can go to the hospital to get checked out, this may be the dose of reality she needs in order to see the monster she has as a husband. Your father should have the right to take you into his custody and the best action to take is to stay away from your step father and your mother and that means leaving that house.

Hey darlings, this sister needs our advice please help her out.

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